Caroline, 2002
Caroline, 2002 Elspeth Diederix

Introduction to Arthema Foundation

Arthema Foundation holds a collection of contemporary art by artists that have been selected for commisioned projects by Arthema Foundation. All projects have been exhibited in art institutions and were accompanied with a catalogue. In the past twenty-five years five projects have been commisioned to six artists.

  • 2019: Marcel van Eeden "The Rijnbar" in Circl Amsterdam
  • 2017: Tjebbe Beekman
  • 2010: Andrei Roiter "One" in the Stedelijk Museum ''s-Hertogenbosch.
  • 2004: Elspeth Diederix and Marnix Goossens "Supernatural" in Huis Marseille, Amsterdam.
  • 2000: Rob Scholte "Plug-Ins" in the Fries Museum, leeuwarden.

The total collection held by Arthema Foundation contains works of the artists beyond the commissioned projects, and also works of other non-commisioned artists. Non-commissioned artists that have objects in the collection are: Philip Akkerman, Hans op de Beeck, Maura Biava, Liesbeth Bijwaard, Zoro Feigl, Heringa/Van Kalsbeek, Pim Palsgraaf, Micha Patiniott, Gerco de Ruiter, Frank van der Salm, Riëtte Wanders, etc.The Arthema collection consists of contemporary works of art, objects, sculptures, paintings, photographs, etc. from the 80's until now.

Only a part of the collection is visible on this site. The total collection contains 1,879 unique objects.

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Current exhibitions
Street Art Zandvoort Street Art Zandvoort (2024-07-05 - 2024-08-30) # p
Zandvoorts Museum, Zandvoort Netherlands